gifts some mothers might enjoy

A reproduction of Francesco Primaticcio's Double Head, because to be a mother is to become one thing in the eyes of the world, and something else entirely to yourself.

A shiny snake bookmark, plus a new book to tuck it into (maybe a pair of novellas by Natalia Ginzburg, an anthology of poems about the weathera book of breakfast recipes that includes "useful tips like the top songs for boiling an egg to, and how to store mushrooms," or a rare and covetable exhibition catalog documenting 500 years of women's work.) 

Life Everywhere, a poster by Lexie Smith for New York Communities for Change: a compendium of "133 cut and collaged scans taken from six Simon & Schuster field guides: Mushrooms, Trees, Horses and Ponies, Fossils, Cacti and Succulents, and Shells."

A Regime des Fluers perfume that makes you smell like a cactus

A water glass that looks like a seething sample of microscopic pond life.

honey pot woven purse, impractically sized for toting useful items such as books and whatnot, but perfect for stashing foraged mushrooms and emergency snacks.

A long-coveted sweater in blossom pink.

Minty-fresh shoes + a bunch of flowers that last forever (or nearly).

A kit for low-key manicures.

Tiny earrings shaped like whirling balls of incandescent gas.

A way to tell the future, by Rebecca Artemesia. 

Sunshine-colored silk scrunchies for overgrown pandemic 'dos.

An hourglass, plus a glorious hour all alone. 


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